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Bringing your car into Spain

If you don't spend anymore than 181 days a year in Spain you can drive around using your Dutch/English license plate. The car does however need to be insured in your home country.

Exporting your car

When you've become a Spanish resident you will need to export your car from your home country, officially ending your license registration there. You will be given a document explaining that you have exported the vehicle.

Next, importing the car into Spain

In order to avoid your vehicle being registered as 'new' it has to have at least 6.000 km on the clock. It also has to have been registered in your own name for the last 6 months.
When registering your car you are required to show your Spanish residence permit and pay the license plate registration fee. This will amount to 12% of the actual value of your vehicle. Spain has its own version of the MOT. It differs here and there from the British version but like its UK counterpart it has to be performed regularly.

We can inform you further on where and how to register your automobile or yet let us do it for you. We see it as one of the standard procedures involved in settling in Spain

Never say in hind view: "I just didn't know!"

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