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Emigrating to Spain

Each year more people actually leave Great Britain than settle here. This is partly
because fewer people come to this nation while the number of people that leave remains
constant. The fact is that each year a large group of people consider leaving England forever.

Peaches and cream

Each nation will confront you with petty rules and regulations and the arm of EU law reaches far, even all the way into Spain. Numerous law and regulation changes indicate that a shift is taking place bringing the country into closer comparison to other European nations.
Taxation rates are no longer as appealing in Spain as they used to be, sure, there are still many possibilities but consider other options as well when contemplating a move to Spain. When possible keeping a cottage on in England might not be as crazy as it would seem.

Finding a suitable house

While looking for a permanent place of residence in Spain it's important to take a close look at what you're leaving behind and what you're expecting to gain. We do recommend that you take an architect or estate agent along when looking over a house. However you can help yourself along the way quite a bit by asking yourself the following questions:

Personal wishes and demands

What's most important by far is if you'll be happy in your new place. Think about the children for instance, how close are they to a proper school and how easy will it be for you to find a job and don't forget the groceries.
Pay attention to everything that's relevant. The tips on this page are far from complete. If we would aid you in moving into Spain there would be additional matters to be taken into consideration.

Information about emigrating to Spain

A lot of sites on the internet will provide information about emigrating from England. Do realize one thing when browsing through these, impressions you gain from them do not take your personal circumstances into account. Consequences impossible for you to foresee and oversee we will bring into the picture and discussion.

On occasion a family will remain in England because the happiness they seek is not simply found in emigration. In by far most cases it is advisable to not burn all your bridges behind you.
Surplus value of your old house could be used to buy a yourself a more modest dwelling, with house prices rising as they are you won't have any difficulty into switching to something better once you decided you feel totally at home in your 'new' country.

Costs and services

Our services and costs involved are totally transparent. You know what you get and you know what you're charged.
We will put for you in writing with which services we can assist you. The rate for all services is 7% of the cost price. Iow the amount due for a service. Any second or further service will cost you an additional 7%. When an earlier agreed upon amount has been exceeded you will receive another bill. It speaks for itself that we can save you quite a bit of money, our customers spend less on balance than when they do everything themselves.

Take among other things into account:

HipoteCasa can take a lot of things out of your hands as it has already thought a lot of things through and has gained a certain amount of experience. Please contact us if you're serious about getting a second house or perhaps even emigrating.

Never say in hind view: "I just didn't know!"

HipoteCasa will enable you to look before you leap and save you from expensive mishaps!

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