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When you decide to buy a house you probably need a mortgage. Elsewhere on this site you'll find further information about various mortgages and whether you should take British or Spanish financing.

If you already own a house and want to use it as collateral in order to request a loan or mortgage so you can buy something else it's best to make use of a Spanish bank, they will be more flexible when it comes to situations like that. They know the market and will assess the objects themselves.
A local branch will also know the estate agent and the salesperson, this could be to your advantage.


If you pay partly in cash, because for instance you have slightly dodgy money or because the salesperson wants to keep part of the sum out of the escritura, you need to take a few things into account. You can't leave or enter into Spain carrying large sums of cash.
If you arrive at the bank with a bundle of notes they will ask you for a import license or a bank statement from England. It will be registered how much cash you carry on you. It will of course be a lot easier to obtain a mortgage if can pay 50% of the purchase up front in cash.

Employees need to turn over the following when applying for a mortgage

Entrepreneurs need to turn over the following when applying for a mortgage

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