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So what's a gestor? A gestor is not a broker, real estate agent or bookkeeper; he is more like a glorified insurance agent. They are the men or women who can do the necessary paperwork when you're in the proces of buying a house in Spain.

A decent bank will arrange your water and electricity for you, the estate agent can help you with your gas delivery contract. If you're on your own or things are not being done properly the person you need to see is the gestor, the obvious man for the job.
Everyone in Spain uses a gestor, Spaniards as well as foreigners.

How to find one?

Well, asking questions in a bar or shop can help you on the right track. An unreliable gestor has few friends and bad references, so shopkeepers and barmen eager for you business and tips will usually want to help you find a good one. A gestor makes his money on the insurance policies you need and will charge you a small fee for any other service you might ask him to perform.
When you need some sort of license or have to turn in your tax forms you see the gestor. Where property tax is concerned all you need to do is provide your annual bank reports and the local council bill that states the value of your property. The gestor arranges the declaration and sometimes even the payments. Or you can turn over the papers you get back from the gestor to your local bank asking them to arrange this for you.

Last will and testament

Elsewhere on this site we'll discuss the use of having a will drawn up. The gestor can advice you how to prepare for this. He can also accompany you on your visit to a notary.


Next to guidance while buying a house your gestor can also help you when registering a car onto your name, applying for a drivers license, managing your pension, answer revenue related questions, finding you a good lawyer, getting various licenses and starting up your own business.

Never say in hind view: "I just didn't know!"

HipoteCasa will enable you to look before you leap and save you from expensive mishaps!

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