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What can HipoteCasa do for you

Save you money and agony

In many ways, like...

...these, HipoteCasa have had experience in and have helped a good many people along the way. We also have a sister company in France if you're interested in that countryas well.
We can make things so much easier for you in so many ways but our services are not free, there will be costs involved.

What will the services of HipoteCasa cost you?

Simple. You pay 7% on top of costs made during the entire duration of the project. You'll profit from the reductions we'll stipulate. As far as the time factor is concerned: you can save big time by being exactly at the right time at right place.
Last but not least, there's a lot to be gained in having yourself guided by those who know the customs and the language minimizing serious financial mishaps.

Two examples

Banks love to provide mortgages but will often also try to sell you life-insurance. That's not always necessary and then they prefer one with fixed terms and an agreed upon amount because the risks have to be covered.
But if you pay of your mortgage on a monthly basis your policy could be lowered and hence your insurance payments. If you chose the wrong policy you could be stuck with an expensive insurance policy for the rest of your life.
There's always someone somewhere who gets commission, usually the estate agent or salesman. You could keep that commission yourself if you let us design your financial construction for you. We do not consider that a part of our fee.

House prices
In Spain houses are overcharged and some try to take advantage of the ignorance of foreigners. They'll try to sell you pretty pictures and have you buy without really looking things over. An estate agent will always tell you there are other prospective buyers interested in the property whether this is true or not.
If you take the time to look before you leap and have yourself well informed beforehand and know what things cost you'll come across with confidence and you'll be taken seriously. Houses sell for half the asking price sometimes and a reduction of at least 10% is standard procedure.

Never say in hind view: "I just didn't know!"

HipoteCasa will enable you to look before you leap and save you from expensive mishaps!

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