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Fiscal number (NIE or NIF number)

If in Spain you want to:

the the government wants to know. The first thing they'll ask you for is your N.I.E. number, if you don't have one yet, you'll have to apply for one. You can do this through the local government or local police in the area you wish to settle.

However, there are other possibilities!

The gestor

The gestor can help you obtain a residence card (NIE). It comes with a number that you'll need to buy a house, a piece of land or a car for instance.
A gestor is something like a secretary, an administrator, an intermediate who can do your insurance, tax forms and can also obtain an NIE number for you.

Let HipoteCasa take care of it

When you need to contact a local the government, the police or a gestor in order to obtain an NIE card they'll want you to actually be there. This not only costs money but more important 'time'. Your request will not be processed immediately, it will be taken into consideration and after a while you'll be notified of the outcome. In the mean time you can use the dossier number (you'll have to ask for it) for things like opening a bank account.

We can however, through our Spanish office arrange an N.I.E. number for you, we'll have you fill out an application form and ask you to pay us in advance for the application fee and other related expenses. You'll be forwarded the official documents a few weeks later.
If you're married (it really doesn’t matter if your marriage arrangement contains a prenuptial clause or not) you'll have to make 2 separate applications.

The costs for an application are 175 euro. When you're applying for your spouse simultaneously the second application is priced at 125 euro, if you want to do this later the costs will again be 175 euro.

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