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UK-Spanish double tax treaty

If you spend more than 182 days a year in Spain you're obliged to pay taxes there.

There's a tax treaty in place between the UK and Spain. Its purpose is to avoid having to pay tax twice over the same property in two different countries. Your wages are being taxed in the country you work in. Your (forthcoming) pension in the country you then live in, it doesn't matter where you earned or build it.
If you possess wealth (in the form of a holiday house, or land) in Spain, or if you make profit over real estate, you pay taxes in the country of where that real estate is situated.

If you consider your case to be different, perhaps because you live in Spain but receive a large part of your salary from the UK you best contact the HM Revenue & Customs office.
If you're self-employed you have to take into consideration that you can't send yourself any bills, that's considered fraud. Spain will not offer you any tax-free perks if you're not a resident there.

Spanish Revenue Department

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