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A Spanish mortgage

Obtaining a mortgage in the UK is a time consuming business, in Spain, contrary to what you might think, getting a mortgage in order to buy a house is a lot simpler.
There are several reasons why.

Foreigners are welcome

Spain is too big for the numbers of its inhabitants. In comparison with France and Germany it's under crowded, the country needs more people but there is a big problem, everybody wants to live on the same strip of land. Making it appealing for North Europeans to work and live on the coast will cause a natural moving of others into the interior.
The Spanish government promotes the issuing of mortgages to foreigners; they love to see you come.

EU rules and regulations demand investment and knowledge

Spain does not excel in living up to rules and legislations, now, that's slowly changing but it takes a lot of effort and energy. Consequently, money and expertise in this area from rich northern Europe is very welcome.

Carpe Diem!

'Seize the day', describes the mentality of the average Spaniard well and that mindset is still very much present, both in the lives of the average Spaniard and in the live of your local bank manager. He is able to operate with far greater independence than his colleague in the UK. Particularly estimating the personal circumstances and future perspectives of a client is something a local bank is able to do a lot better than a distant one.

House prices are increasing

If all of a sudden you're no longer able to make payments and you've financed 80% of your funds by means of a Spanish mortgage the bank will have no difficulty in reselling your house. Prices of real estate keep rising and margins of 20% are no exception. Unless of course you've negotiated a top mortgage but Spanish banks are wisening up to that as well.

A Spanish mortgage or not?

You'll probably prefer getting your financing from the UK, it would feel more familiar as well as secure. If you can't arrange anything there or you don't mind obtaining your finances in Spain, well be glad to investigate the possibilities for you.
We not only have excellent relations with English banks in Spain but also with a number of their Spanish counterparts. If you possess capital and want to use part of this to buy a house in Spain we're able to put you in contact with bonafide agents in both Barcelona and Madrid. They'll be able to inform you what your possibilities are.
Financial consultants work with clients that have a spendable income of more than 45.000 euros per year and/or a capital starting at 75.000 euros.

Second opinion

If you already have an offer on a mortgage and wish to have it looked over and compared with other offers HipoteCasa can be of assistance. We will charge you 200 euro per assessment. An assessment may include not more than 3 different offers. You'll therefore, do yourself a favor if you ask at least 2 other parties for their deals and ask us for an appraisal.


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