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Estate agents in Spain

There are a great many estate agents active in Spain: they've come from all corners of the world for a slice of the booming Spanish housing market. The South Americans see enormous possibilities there but so do the Dutch and the Germans.
Try to find out if your estate agent has actually done a fair amount of business. Do realize that a seller can advertise his house or land at any number of estate agents. Therefore it's not all that relevant how many houses the agent has on display.

Prices per square meter

An estate agent with a successful website has a large market, consequently his prices will be high. While at home you might be able to get 10% of the price, in Spain this can run up to 35%. Don't hesitate to ask us for advice on prices per square meter at various locations.
Our information is obtained from research and local estate agents, both those of with whom we are in contact and those with whom we are not. Most estate agents readily provide us with information as they are interested in and want to make use of the contacts we work with.

Search order

When you ask us to do a search order we will look for three objects that might appeal to you, we will inform the potentially involved estate agents that there is an interested party for the house and ask them under which conditions an option is to be obtained.
Next we inform you. We could consult you on the right price if you decide to look the place over yourself. Do consider that there are aspects that could drive the price up that you normally would not take into account, think of proximity to work, school or a highway to an airport.

Second opinion

You can ask any estate agent what he thinks of the house, do consider that local estate agents rarely turn on each other and might have the house for sale as well. In that case they'll vigorously discourage you from buying that property and try to sell you something else.
when you ask us for a second opinion we'll assess your property using objective criteria. We can also bring you into contact with an estate agent we're associated with. A search order, as well as information over local prices levels and a second opinion will not be without costs, the results will however give you added information, knowledge and security.


Foremost, and above all, make sure the house you're interested in truly belongs to the person who's trying to sell it to you. Estate agents and owners can masquerade as bonafide folk making an excellent impression and yet take you to the cleaners.
When you transfer the house to your name there is still one thing to be done before that transfer is final. You need to have the property registered to your name, and, literally, as soon as possible. A good notary will do this for you, not by placing it on a stack of other files but by faxing it to the local authorities immediately. Only when this is done and the fax has been confirmed as received by the local authorities is the house truly yours.

Never say in hind view: "I just didn't know!"

HipoteCasa will enable you to look before you leap and save you from expensive mishaps!

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