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Last will and testament

It's advisable to make up a Spanish will besides an English one if you own property in Spain. To whom you want to leave the house to is up to you.

Spanish open will

The most common form of a will is the so called "Open will'. This is a simple declaration in Spanish and your own language that is submitted to the Registro Central de Última Voluntad.
This is where your will is kept ensuring that a valid copy is always available. And this is also the place to obtain information in case a family member dies in Spain.

Closed will

A closed will is for those who prefer to keep the contents of their will a secret. The testator (One who draws up a will) puts the will in an envelope and hands it over to a notary. The notary seals the envelope, signs that he has received it and sends it to the central office (Registro Central de Última Voluntad)
In this case you can ask them if there is a will but all they will give you is the address of the notary that drew up the document.

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