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Living in Spain

It sounds ideal, even utopian to some. A house in the UK and a second house in a semi- tropic country like Spain. Consider however that the holiday feeling you have while buying the house slowly subsides. If you rent a place for a year first it will give you an idea how it is to stay longer (and often outside of the holiday season) in one and the same place.

Those who choose Spain as their new homeland burn their bridges behind them, a way back is often difficult as you once more have to look for a place in the country you once thought you had left for good. Some become regretful but let's stay positive: In general, both second house owners and those who emigrated love living in Spain.

A second house

Next to you regular home, having a place under the sun is an almost perfect picture of perfection. Most people will admit that purchasing the house was not without it's quirks but if you had the right information beforehand not whole lot could go wrong. Make sure you're well informed and never take things at face value. There might be stories fluctuating that there's more than one buyer in the picture but that really doesn't happen all that often.

What is it that you want and what are your possibilities? There are quite a few circumstances to be taken into account; we'll mention a few of them here.

The estate agents

Elsewhere on this site we discuss estate agents in greater length, lets suffice to say here that you can divide them up in "good" and "bad guys," however, they don't carry stickers on their foreheads. Reputable organizations do not always guarantee quality, even though they love to give you that impression, and, organisations of Spanish estate agents do have their own interest at heart.
Lend your ears at the hairdressers, in the pub or by local residents in the neighborhood you would like to live in. Never give an estate agent the impression that he's your only contact.

Architectural examination

Juridical examination

This can be done by the estate agent or a solicitor. Elsewhere on this site we provide further information on Spanish soliciters.
All the necessary contracts can be drawn up by either a solicitor or a gestor, bank accounts opened, translations made, NIE numbers arranged, appointments with a notary made as well transferring accounts to your name. Take a look at our page about gestors, these people can do a lot of these things for you and they're a lot cheaper than a sollicitor.

Never say in hind view: "I just didn't know!"

HipoteCasa will enable you to look before you leap and save you from expensive mishaps!

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