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Insurance in Spain

If you're considering buying a second house in Spain or emigrate there, you'll need insurance, especially if you want become a resident and start a company there. In any case you need to make sure you're properly insured.

Health insurance

There's a standard package available, however, you can extend and include dental insurance for example. The contract is extendable per year. A health insurance company is not obliged to accept you, if you're not healthy you run the risk that if you want to change insurance companies they'll turn you down.
The amount of the premium depends on the applicant, there's also a family policy available.
You can count on a premium of 70 euros per person per month.

Insuring your house

You insure your house just like in the UK against fires and burglary. Sometimes you're asked to place bars or fencing at ground level.
The premium is depended on the value of the house, the furniture and the risk you want covered. You can also opt for an insurance that covers everything, including the structure of the house. If you take out a mortgage you'll have to insure the structure of the building anyway.


A life insurance in Spain is comparable to that in the UK, it will insure you of a carefree old age, a decent funeral for you and your family or hereditary rent charge. It's even possible to include insurance of debts and taxes to a certain extend so you're heirs in case of your demise, will not be faced with any nasty surprises.
When you get yourself a mortgage they'll try to sell you a life- insurance policy as well, this however is not always necessary, make sure you find out beforehand whether you need to or not.

Car insurance

Foreigners who do not permanently live in Spain can keep their cars with their foreign license plates, obviously the car does have to be insured in your home country. You cannot apply for Spanish insurance on a foreign registered car.
It is of course possible to buy and insure yourself a Spanish car, or import your car from the UK. However, in order to buy a car you will need to get an NIE number.

Look elsewhere on this site at' importing your car' for further information about taking your vehicle into Spain.

Other insurances and how to get them

There are several insurance companies that have policies (and their conditions) in other languages beside Spanish. It's best to make use of large insurance companies like Mapfre or Zurich. It's of course also possible to let us do a comparison between various companies.
HipoteCasa, when arranging your insurance for you, will deduct any profit we make of your insurance policy from the total bill we charge you with.

Never say in hind view: "I just didn't know!"

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